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Welcome to Seacoast Virtual Health. Your one-stop shop for all things health and wellness during parenthood. Let's prioritize health and family - and begin the journey. Our Sea Lotus Community thrives when YOU participate. You can find us running in York, Fort Foster, or meet-ups in tandem with Organizations through wellness meet-ups in the Seacoast.

Surrounding myself with people- friends has inspired me the most. And together, we can inspire ourselves through nourishing styles that work! Connect today. Here is what you can expect when we do a virtual check-in. Get prepared for the first connect call here. ​​​

Meet Your Health Coach Claudia

Coach Claudia has been a health and wellness coach for seven years and has inspired women and men to re-conquer their lives through health and nutrition made simple!


Her beginnings as a Health Coach started at the YMCA in Terra Linda, California. Attaining continuous education courses including NASM Nutrition Coaching, and Positive Psychology coursework, and today, she is beginning an Ayurvedic Nutrition certification program based out of Teachable in NYC! 

She is personally in pursuit of learning as much as she can about a healthy active lifestyle with a focus on mindful wholesome living rituals for everyone.  As a teacher of 18 years in the education field, she uses these skills to bring mindful health education to her community.

As a minority health leader in Dover N.H., she inspires and empowers YOU to live your healthiest life!

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Seacoast Wellness Community is a result of the need there exists for people to access good health resources.   If you have completed any serious regimen or are just getting started,  having access to a professional health coach can make all the difference in your journey! Studies now show, 9 out of 10 people fail after beginning a health journey. Inaction, health misinformation, and fad diet companies rely on your failure. Let's thrive instead.  Join this month's health challenge now.  ​ Let's Get Started. Learn more with us. Complete your Health Quiz now. Smash Link Here. 


Recipe to Add To Your Summer

Grilled Chicken Breasts with Jalapeno Peach Salsa!

Marinated Peaches

Sprinkle Galore

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Monthly Challenges

Master Your Health with a Personalized Program

Monthly Challenges are great for you because they include...

Me- as your coach

a live community

and a personalized sustainable science-based step-by-step process. Your Success Guaranteed!

Our Wellness Services
  • Begin Your Healing Heath Habit Today! In this call I will show you how

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
    From 10 US dollars
  • Get the Guided Nutrition Plan to optimize your every day.

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August Events

No upcoming events at the moment

     Wednesday, August 2
    5:30 pm| Rye N.H.

Surfs Up Meet Up!

 Let's have fun and learn how to balance life with grace and joy by facing nature's waves. Parking is limited. Arrive early and meet at Summer Sessions.

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Recent Happenings

9 out of 10 people who start a wellness journey fail.
Don't let that be you! 

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Dover NH


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